Relive the Nostalgia
  • Chrono Trigger Shadow Box - "Fiona's Forest" 3D Video Game Shadow Box with Glass Frame 10 x 12.5 inches

    In a game as epic and action-packed as Chrono Trigger, it's a rare occurrence to have a moment of peace and serenity. The crew shares this moment of reflection in Fiona's Forest, where they spent the night in front of a campfire, discussing the challenges they face ahead.

    I love how the character's personalities shine through this one static image. Lucca sits close to Robo, Frog and Marle are deep in reflection, Ayla doesn't know what's what, Magus thinks about whatever loners think about, and Crono is too exhausted to do anything but sleep.

    This glass-framed shadow box measures 10x12.5 inches and the viewport matches the 4:3 aspect ratio of the original scene. All of the images are printed on high-quality matte cardstock and laser cut for precision. The sprites are layered and raised to create a three-dimensional image that brings the scene to life. Pictures do not do it justice!